Tightening Gels Creams

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Female Spray - Intimate Tighten Cream - 0.2 fl oz / 5 ml


This gel improves the elasticity of the vaginal wall and help tightening it. Directions for use: Apply once a day on the vagina around the opening. Keep out of reach of little children. Store in a coo..

Tighten - Tightening gel


With Its Exclusive Formula, Xtra Time Delay Gel Desensitizes The Penile Glans, Increasing The Time Of The Intercourse.Lidocaine And Benzocaine Free...

Vagina Tightening XXS Cream - 1 fl oz / 30 ml


ero by HOT - TIGHTENING CREAM XXS Women Does your vagina allow a special agent a more intense feeling? The special cream base with many moisturizing ingredients may also improve vaginal dryness and el..

Vagina Tightening XXS Spray - 2 fl oz / 50 ml


ero by HOT - TIGHTENING SPRAY XXS Women: The ero tightening spray contains specially astringent and circulation-enhancing drugs.. The specific combination of these ingredients makes it stand out so th..

Vaginal Tightening Gel - 3 fl oz / 100 ml


Improve the elasticity of your vagina while also tightening it, with this superior Ouch! Vaginal Tightening Gel. Be more in control of your orgasms as the vaginal walls and muscles tighten for a more ..

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